Our story

Ansos, founded in New York, is dedicated to sustainability and ethical craftsmanship. We were inspired to make a difference after discovering that cotton consumes an enormous amount of water. Our solution? Lyocell, a fiber requiring just 10% of cotton's water. With Ansos, you choose high-quality, eco-conscious products, while also helping to conserve precious water resources. Our mission is to raise awareness about cotton's environmental impact and offer a more sustainable choice for the future.

Made in Europe

Why we produce our towels in Portugal

Portugal has a long-standing tradition of producing high-quality textiles since the 18th century. Over time, it has evolved from small family-owned factories to modernized facilities while preserving its proud artisanal history. As a result, the label "Made in Portugal" is widely recognized for premium quality textiles and expert craftsmanship.

Every company in Portugal has to comply with environmental legislation in order to operate. That means an environmental assessment needs to be undertaken before they begin production.

Last but not least all our portuguese suppliers are GOTS certified, which means they meet high organic textile standards. This matters a lot for factories, clothing brands, and people who buy the products. In short, it’s a big deal for the planet.


Why are towels made of lyocell sustainable? It goes back to the source: eucalyptus trees grow quickly, without irrigation and virtually any pesticides, on land no longer fit for food.